COVID-19 and CYT Classes

Even though Covid-19 has affected our meeting in groups, the fun is not ending with CYT! Spring Classes are going ONLINE! With virtual classes, additional supplemental material, and more, CYT students will still have community and educational opportunities!

The big changes to classes this session include: all classes are online, the class session is shorter, and there is no showcase. If you are 4-7, you can register for our weekly virtual "Our Gang" class below. If you are 8-18, click on the button directly below to learn about CYT Online!

Current Classes:

Class: Age: Chapter: Location: Day: Time: Start: End:
Acting 101 8-12 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
The CYT Studio Thu 4:30pm - 6:00pm Sep 03 Oct 29
Character Quest! Creating Characters for the Stage 8-12 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
The CYT Studio Mon 4:30pm - 6:00pm Aug 31 Oct 26
CYT Online: Fall Workshop Series 8-18 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
ONLINE Wed 12:00am - 12:00am Aug 31 Oct 30
Do-Re-Mi! Voice for Kids 8-12 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
The CYT Studio Mon 4:30pm - 6:00pm Aug 31 Oct 26
HYBRID - Creating a Show Part 1: Development & Creation 13-18 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
The CYT Studio Mon 6:30pm - 8:00pm Aug 31 Oct 26
Musical Theater for Kids! 8-12 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
The CYT Studio Mon 4:30pm - 6:00pm Aug 31 Oct 26
ONLINE - Our Gang! 4-7 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
ONLINE Thu 4:30pm - 5:30pm Sep 03 Oct 22
ONLINE - Stage Management, an Introduction 14-18 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
ONLINE Thu 6:30pm - 8:00pm Sep 03 Oct 22
Shakespeare on Stage 13-18 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
The CYT Studio Mon 6:30pm - 8:00pm Aug 31 Oct 26
Theatrical Street Jazz 13-18 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
The CYT Studio Thu 6:30pm - 8:00pm Sep 03 Oct 29
Those Tappin' Feet - Tap for Kids! 8-12 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
The CYT Studio Thu 4:30pm - 6:00pm Sep 03 Oct 29
Voice for Teens 13-18 New Braunfels
(Fall 2020)
The CYT Studio Thu 6:30pm - 8:00pm Sep 03 Oct 29


CYT offers classes for students ages 4-18 throughout the school year. Classes include drama, voice, dance, and behind-the-scenes training in makeup, costumes, tech, and more. Classes are held for two hours once a week and run for ten consecutive weeks in Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions. Class sizes are small and offer supervision both inside and outside the classroom. Each session culminates in a high-energy showcase to demonstrate to family, friends, and fellow students the skills acquired.

Parents send their children to CYT classes to learn, and that's exactly what they will do! At the end of a CYT session, your student will come away with a new or improved skill in the area of emphasis. During the last week class, a high-energy Showcase is presented by each class to show other students, family, and friends all they've learned.

The CYT registration fee is for the whole session, not a monthly fee. We think that's pretty cool! Sibling discounts are also applied on multi-sibling registrations.


Parents, friends, and relatives are invited to attend CYT's Showcase performance on the last day/evening of classes, free of charge! Showcase is the grand finale of each session of classes, at which every class makes a 5-8 minute presentation of something they have learned and rehearsed during the session. Don't miss the action!

*With Covid-19 still being present during this upcoming season, Showcase may look different that normal, but we are excited to create unique opportunities that will allow our students to present their skills for family and friends in a fun way!*


CYT offers a wide variety of classes, and they all enable students to gain valuable theater arts training, develop confidence and make friends! Our curriculums are developed by teachers, directors, and performers both at our local branch and from CYT HQ in California. These classes vary per session!

Some of our classes include:
Wiggles and Giggles - An Introduction to the arts (4-5)
Our Gang - Theater Basics for Kids (6-7)
Acting 101 (8-12)
Voice for Kids (8-12)
Musical Theater for Kids (8-12)
Tap for Kids (8-12)
Hip Hop for Kids (8-12)
Voice for Teens (13-18)
Theatrical Street Jazz (13-18)
Shakespeare for Teens (13-18)
Off the Top of Your Head - Improv (13-18)
CYT Players - A One Act style acting class (13-18)
Set the Stage - an introduction to theatrical design (13-18)


A CYT Teacher (or as we call them, Teaching Artist) has a mission is to train and instruct students in such a way as to promote the development of character, self-esteem, and confidence. Teaching Artists  are qualified and experienced in the area in which they teach. Many of them actively performing and working in the performing arts industry, or working as educators outside of CYT either in the education system or in dance studios, private studios, and more. They have been trained in the CYT methods of instruction and agree with the CYT values and outcome goals. All our Teaching Artists at CYT have been background checked and adhere to our CYT Mission and Values. Our Teaching Artists truly care about their students and provide a constructive and fun environment for them to learn!

We strive to not just teach theater arts skills in our classes, but life skills through the arts. All of our instruction is tailored to the students in our classes, and each instructor brings something different to the classes we offer. No two CYT classes will ever look the exactly the same!

FAQ's for Classes

Are parents allowed to sit in during classes?
While we love to have parents involved at CYT, we do ask that parents not be in the room once instruction begins. This is for several reasons. Some students do not perform well with parental supervision, and other students sometimes get nervous when another in-related parent is in the room. We also want the Showcase performance to be an awesome surprise for you and your family! If you feel like you need to sit in on a class for any reason, please contact our Class Coordinator.

What should we expect on the first day of class?
When you arrive, you'll be greeted by our staff and our HYPE team! We'll make sure we have you registered in the right class, then all parents and students will head into our Main Studio Room for a brief welcome meeting before the students head to class. If it is you first time in a CYT Class, one of our HYPE Students will be available to answer any questions and help your student feel at home! Our Class Coordinator will send out an email with specific instructions for the first night of class, so be on the lookout for that!

What does my child need to bring to class?
A water bottle, a pencil, closed toe shoes, and good attitude are all good things to have! If your child needs anything specific to their class (especially for dance classes) you should receive an email from your instructor detailing what you need.

Is there a break during class?
Yes! After an hour of class time, your student's class will break for a 10 minute water and snack break. We have water cooler in our studio and we also sell small snack items for 50 cents. We encourage all students to bring a water bottle!

What is the refund policy?
Refunds are not issued once classes begin. Classes cancelled two weeks before start date are subject to a $25 cancellation/processing fee. For any questions, please contact our Managing Director at

I've already registered for a class, but I want to switch to a different class. Is that ok?
We are totally fine with students moving to another class. HOWEVER, any requests to move to another class must be submitted and approved two weeks before the class begins. If you need to switch classes in that two week time period, a $25 fee will apply.

Will there be online classes in the fall?
At CYT, we value gathering together in person and that's how our classes are designed. However, we will continue to offer online classes in addition to in person classes as a result of Covid-19 for those who would like that option!

Thank you to our scholarship sponsor!

"For over 30 years, H-E-B’s Tournament of Champions Charitable Trust has contributed to worthy causes throughout Texas, and we continue to support our community as strongly as ever. H-E-B’s Tournament of Champions Charitable Trust is a special fund that receives its money from an annual golf tournament sponsored by H-E-B’s vendor community. This golf tournament provides the funds for charitable projects and programs that have a positive impact on our communities within the areas of youth, children, education and health."

Thank you H-E-B for allowing us to offer scholarships for our 2017-2018 class season!