The streets of Victorian England come to life as Oliver, a malnourished orphan in a workhouse, becomes the neglected apprentice of an undertaker. Oliver escapes to London and finds acceptance amongst a group of petty thieves and pickpockets led by the elderly Fagin. When Oliver is captured for a theft that he did not commit, the benevolent victim, Mr. Brownlow takes him in. Fearing the safety of his hideout, Fagin employs the sinister Bill Sikes and the sympathetic Nancy to kidnap him back, threatening Oliver’s chances of discovering the true love of a family.

Consider yourself at home with Oliver! JR., the Broadway Junior version of Lionel Bart's classic musical based on Charles Dickens' novel, Oliver Twist. The Tony and Olivier Award-winning show is one of the few musicals to win an Academy Award for Best Picture and is widely hailed as a true theatrical masterpiece by actors and audience members alike.

Director: HannahBelle Taylor
Musical Director: Valerie Lietz
Choreographer: Jeremiah Jordon
Stage Manager: Bailey Garner

Dates / Times:

  • Thursday, Jun 13th @ 7:00pm
  • Friday, Jun 14th @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, Jun 15th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Jun 15th @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, Jun 16th @ 3:00pm
  • Thursday, Jun 20th @ 7:00pm
  • Friday, Jun 21st @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, Jun 22nd @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Jun 22nd @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, Jun 23rd @ 3:00pm

Ticket Prices:

Tickets are non-refundable.

The CYT Blackbox:

1389 Industrial Dr., Ste. C, New Braunfels, TX 78130

Show Notes:

Mandatory Show Parent/Student Meetings:
In lieu of an in person parent meeting for the Spring session, we will be using a series of 8 short videos that cover all of the information you will need for auditions, rehearsals, and shows. These videos will include links for forms that you will need to fill out and submit.  Please watch these videos with your student so they are also aware of the process!
1. CYT Values
2. Auditions
3. Callbacks
4. Casting
5. Cast List
6. Rehearsals
7. Parent/Guardian Checklist - PLEASE NOTE - While the checklist is correct, these dates are from the winter session!
8. Communication

Once you have watched all of the videos, you need to send an email to verifying you have completed the videos. Please include your name, your student’s name, and the song listed in the video that Bobby uses in his slate. (If you watched the videos, you will know!)
If you do not submit the required email that verifies you have watched the videos, your student will not be eligible to audition!

There will be 2 additional mandatory parent/guardian meetings during the session, one on the first night of rehearsal, April 16th, and one at the beginning of tech week.

Students enrolled for the Spring Session of classes are eligible to sign up for an audition slot through their CYT family account.  Auditions for all shows will be on Saturday, April 6th from 10am-4pm where students will bring their prepared material (see below) to present for the artistic teams of all productions. Please arrive 10 minutes before your audition slot to make sure your paperwork is complete.

Students will need to prepare:
A one minute cut of a song (this song should NOT be from the show your student is auditioning for. We suggest something Disney if this is your first time auditioning. Your track needs to be a karaoke track with no words)
A one minute or less monologue (you can use a provided monologue -FOUND HERE- OR you can select your own monologue if you would like)

1. Registered for a Spring 2024 Class
2. Audition Sign-Up through Signup Genius - SIGNUP HERE-
3. Complete Spring 2024 Audition Form (Must be completed no later than the day before auditions. The Karaoke track for your song must be uploaded at time of completion.) -AUDITION FORM HERE-

If you cannot make auditions in person, video auditions are accepted! Record a video of your one minute song and monologue and upload the video on your audition form. Please email Naomi Tulp at if you have any questions. We want to see you audition for the show so if you have existing school or family commitments, please get information on how to submit a video audition. Video auditions do NOT exclude you from receiving a callback or participating in the show.

DANCE CALL: Dance call is for every student auditioning and will be Friday, April 5th. We are splitting the dance call by age. The Dance call schedule is as follows:
*5-7pm: 8-12 year old age group -Instructional Video-   -Performance Video-
*7-9pm: 13-18 year old age group -Teen Instructional Video-  -Teen Front View Video-  -Teen Back View Video-

Tuesday, April 9th is our night for callbacks for all productions. Callbacks will run from 5-9pm. Students will be notified by Sunday, April 7th as to what time they may need to be present for callbacks. When the callback info is sent out, please read through it carefully for details regarding the process and times.

Rehearsals will begin Tuesday, April 16th.


Oliver Twist

  • Everett Earnest
OLIVER TWIST is the 11-year-old orphan around which the whole plot of the show revolves. Oliver is intelligent and kind, but he is not afraid to stand up for himself when the situation calls for it. He longs for a family and escapes to London to try to make his fortune - though he has no idea what adventures await him there!


  • Noah Rapp
FAGIN recruits, trains, and manages a gang of child-thieves. Though he claims he cares for each of his children, providing them food and shelter and characteristically calling them “my dear,” he’s really only concerned with the money these young thieves bring in.

The Artful Dodger

  • Canon Earnest
A.K.A. Jack Dawkins, is one of the most famous characters in literature. He is charming, upbeat, and charismatic. Though Dodger works for Fagin as a thief, he is the first person to show Oliver real kindness and gives him a place to belong. Dodger is a few years older than Oliver.


  • AJ Dillashaw
NANCY is an adventurous young lady with a heart of gold who has fallen in with the wrong crowd. She is vivacious and kind, the life of the party, and she immediately takes Oliver under her wing. Unfortunately, she is involved with Bill Sikes, who is the story’s villain.

Bill Sikes

  • Timothy Gamble
BILL SIKES is a quintessential villain. He is mean, selfish, and ruthless, and he always looks out for number one. He bullies everyone around him, especially Nancy, and is paranoid, always afraid that people will betray him.

Mr. Bumble

  • Jakob Appleford
MR. BUMBLE runs the workhouse where Oliver finds himself in the beginning of the show. He is cold, cruel, and he doesn't care one bit about the boys in his workhouse.

Widow Corney

  • Makenna Hamilton
Widow Corney runs the workhouse along with Mr. Bumble. She is cold and calculating, like Mr. Bumble, and only cares that the work gets done and puts money in her pocket.


  • Bryleigh Brandt
BET is a friend of Nancy's who shares her spirited nature and sense of adventure. Like Nancy, Bet has a kind heart but has fallen upon hard times.

Mrs. Sowerberry/Mrs. Bedwin

  • Kallie Owens
MRS. SOWERBERRY gives Oliver scraps left for the dog to eat. She, like her husband, does not care at all for Oliver's well-being and only wants him to work.

Mr. Sowerberry/Dr. Grimwig

  • Evan Miller
MR. SOWERBERRY is the undertaker who purchases Oliver from Mr. Bumble. He is a callous man who does not treat Oliver much better than Mr. Bumble.

Mr. Brownlow

  • Caleb Ambs
MR. BROWNLOW is a sweet man who takes Oliver in, even after Oliver has picked his pocket. Oliver is familiar to Mr. Brownlow immediately, even though he has no idea that Oliver is his grandchild.

Charlie Bates

  • Kai Carnes
CHARLIE BATES is one of Fagin's child-thieves. He is a great admirer of the Artful Dodger and an accomplished pocket-picker.


  • Brilynn Dennis
NIPPER is the smallest member of Fagin's gang.

The Captain

  • Liam Mangaraja
THE CAPTAIN is a child in Fagin’s gang.


  • Josiah Carnes
HANDWALKER is a child in Fagin’s gang.

Noah Claypole

  • Ben Landes
NOAH CLAYPOLE works for the Sowerberrys. He is a mean, nasty person who insults Oliver's mother on purpose to upset him.

Charlotte/Rose Seller

  • Adalynn Samaniego
CHARLOTTE works for the Sowerberrys. She is kinder to Oliver than the others in the Sowerberry home, but not by much.

Strawberry Seller

  • Gracelynne Kunefke


  • Savana Swies

Knife Grinder

  • Jaxon Zukowski


  • Ally Appleford

Old Sally

  • Deviny Cantrell
OLD SALLY is the old woman who holds a crucial clue to Oliver’s past.

Fagin's Gang Ensemble

  • Cayden Terry
  • Deviny Cantrell
  • Gordon Pullen
  • Jocelynn Samaniego
  • Kaylee Balthun
  • Travis Ambs


  • Ally Appleford
  • Ben Landes
  • Colette Carnes
  • Emme Samaniego
  • Evelyn Landes
  • Isla Lambert
  • Kohen Kunefke
  • Letty Kunefke
  • Lillian Phillips

Curtain Warmers

  • Cayden Terry
  • Colette Carnes
  • Isla Lambert
  • Jocelynn Samaniego
  • Kaylee Balthun
  • Kohen Kunefke