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Congratulations to the Cast of HONK!
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See a show! Be in a show!

Check out one of our family Broadway classics coming to a stage near you! OR see yourself on stage! Students enrolled in classes (ages 8-18) are eligible to audition.

CYT shows are always appropriate for the entire family and are an excellent way to introduce children to the arts at a young age! In addition to producing a Broadway-style musical on stage! 



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Venue: The Brauntex (address)
Dates: May 7 - May 10, 2015  (5 Performances)
Tickets: Go On Sale April 1st, 2015 at 12:00pm
Since it first hatched in 1993 Honk! has winged its way around the world in over 8000 productions and in many different languages. Adapted for young performers, and with a score by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe (Mary Poppins), Honk! JR. is a heart-warming celebration of being different that is sure to delight audiences of all ages with its sparkling wit and memorable score. Ugly looks quite...  Read More


CYT students enrolled in the spring class session ages 8-18 are eligible to audition for Honk! 
(Note: Student must turn 8 by April 1, 2015 or be 18 at the time of auditions)

When and Where
Auditions will be held on Friday, Feb. 27th at from 4:00-7:00pm at the CYT Studios located at 1389 Industrial Drive, New Braunfels, TX. Auditions are open to family and friends. 

Call Backs will be held on Saturday, 28th from 10:30-4:00pm at location above.  The call back auditions are closed. 

Audition Sign Up

Click Link Here (Auditions tips for the novice to the experienced)

Rehearsal Dates and Times
Click Link Above  (Note: Students are only allowed two approved rehearsal absences)

Parent Show Info Guide
Click Link Above (To learn about all about the CYT! 

Audition Helps
What and how to prepare? Click Here!

Parent Show Informational Meeting
Meeting will be held on first class night! Tuesday 24th at 6:15pm and Thursday 26th at 4:45pm and 6:55pm.
Come pick up show packet and learn about show info!

Casting Information!

All who audition and/ or called back are not guaranteed to be cast in the show. 

Auditions bring anticipation, excitement, tears, and sometimes disappointment to many who audition for CYT productions. The fact of the matter is - auditions aren't fair.  With so many students auditioning and a limited number of roles, decisions are always difficult for those casting the show. 

How to Help Your Child Prepare For An Audition!
Help your child understand that beside the talent he or she shows at auditions, height, coring, overall "look" for the part, what part he/she sings (soprano, alto, etc?, as well as what specific parts are available in a particular show all enter into the final casting decisions. Likewise, the sizes, coloring, etc.. of  the other auditioners being considered for parts, the chemistry between possible on-stage couples or groups, and the director's "vision" for various roles, influence casting decisions.

Other considerations in casting include...behavior and maturity. Directors want to work with cast members who behave well and have the maturity to endure long and sometimes tedious rehearsals.  Directors will contact area class coordinators and other directors and teachers about your child's previous behavior.  Encourage your child not to harm his/her chances of being cast by poor behavior at class, at rehearsals, at shows or even at auditions and callbacks. In other words...when kids participate in a CYT program, function or event they are "auditioning!"

Many times casting appears as though leading roles are given to a small group of people over and over again. It is important to understand that fairness goes both ways. Many CYT kids have worked very hard on their skills. They never miss a class, they take dance classes, voice classes and acting classes because they want to improve on their God-given gifts and abilities. Then when they audition they tend to be head and shoulders above other students. It would be totally unfair to that student to not cast them just because they had a role before. It would be showing favoritism to the weaker student if they were rewarded over the student that has proven themselves at the audition and callbacks. Many times these kind of students tend to be children of parents who are closely connected to CYT because the parents are doing what any parent would do - be involved with what their child loves to do. Therefore it looks like favoritism but in reality it’s just that the student is really good. They shouldn’t be penalized for working hard, training and being good.

In this crazy world of wanting to make everything “fair” and “equal” we have lost the value of healthy competition. In a world where everyone gets a trophy, something inevitably happens - the trophy has no value. The kids know it and don’t want it. Study after study has demonstrated that “fairness” doesn’t mean everyone getting the same reward.

“Fairness” and “equality” means everyone should get the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to compete for the reward.

How a parent reacts to disappointment after auditions has a tremendous influence on how the child reacts.  Although disappointment is painful, it can also bring about a new understanding of goals-and what needs to be done now for future success. If your child is upset about a casting decision, encourage him or her to speak personally with he director about the decision, and how he/she can improve the audition next time. Remind your child that every part in a CYT production is an important part -- whether onstage, behind stage, or in front of the stage! 

What wonderful life lessons CYT can teach our children and parents!

To ensure the integrity of the casting process, if the Show Coordinator or anyone on the Audition and/or Artistic Team has an immediate family member auditioning, he/she must leave the room while their family member is discussed thus having no say how their family member is cast. Also, Audition Team members who coach or give private lessons in voice, dance or acting to a student auditioning will follow the same guide lines as a family member. 


School Days Performances!

CYT offers "School Day" performances for each production. Tickets are $6.00 per person and are open to students from public and private schools, homeschool groups, church and youth groups and more. To qualify for the school day show discount, you must have a minimum of 25 students. For every 25 tickets purchased you will receive a complimentary "chaperone" ticket. 


School Day performances provide school children the opportunity to:

1. Enjoy reserve seating at the show - a dramatic exposure to literature and live theater.  
2. See kids and teens their age using their talents to encourage and inspire others.
3. Interact with the cast for a meet and greet and photo opportunities after the show.
4. Have a chance to win fun prizes and souvenirs after the show.
5. By request, have a visit from a CYT show representative who will present a short overview of the upcoming production, along with members of the cast, to those classes/groups attending the school-day performances.  The docent will also share theater etiquette and CYT information with those students.
6. By reguest, have Study Guides for use in the classroom.  Study Guides give students and teachers classroom activities based on the particular show. 

Space is limited so reserve your School Day show tickets now!! To get started and for more information please email or call 830-302-2298. 

We'll see you at the Show!!

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