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HYPE High school youth Pursuing Excellence!
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High school Youth Pursuing Excellence

The goal of HYPE is to challenge and grow the advanced students of CYT to be leaders in and outside of CYT, and get involved by serving the community around them. To look at all aspects of theater, not just from the actor’s point of view. And to continue to grow as an individual, committing themselves to excellence in all they do.

Each September, HYPE welcomes new High School applicants (ages 14-18) for the current year. Students involved in HYPE will participate in on-going service projects like drama workshops with at-risk kids at Youth Life Foundation, international missions fundraising, CYT mentoring, ... READ MORE


The CYT Decathlon Award recognizes exceptional CYT students who have demonstrated a love for theater by pursuing a well-rounded education in the theater arts and who have exhibited a character that is consistent with CYT values. The Decathlon Award will be awarded to students, aged 16-18, who have met the following requirements, within the past five years.

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