Been thinking about auditioning? Have a child that you think might fit right in at CYT? Wondering if it’s right for you and your family? If you’ve seen one of our shows, then you know that CYT delivers a high-quality, family-friendly, Broadway-style show!  But we can only do it because of the amazing families that come and get involved. The kids all get to shine on stage, but it’s the parents and families that help give the kids amazing sets, beautiful costumes and the support it takes to put on the show. We have many so many gifted and talented parents - but we always have room for more. We’d love to have your family get involved.
Not sure? Let’s explore a few common questions to help you decide!
Who can audition for a CYT show?
 There are 3 conditions you have to meet to audition for one of our shows. 
1 - You must be between the ages of 8-18. 
2 - You must be registered for a CYT class during the session you want to audition.
3 - Parent's must attend a mandatory meeting prior to auditioning.  This meeting is held on the first night of class.
That’s it! Everyone who is the right age, registered and their parent has attended the mandatory meeting is welcome to try out. We want our cast involved in classes because even though they learn a ton during rehearsals, there are many things we simply cannot cover as we prepare for a big show. Being part of classes helps your child grow in all of their theater skills and gain confidence.
What does my child have to do at an audition?
Your child will be asked to introduce themselves and sing a 60-second portion of a song. We have some great audition tips right here on our website - be sure to check them out! You will also do a dance audition as part of a small group.
When does CYT rehearse?
 Our rehearsals are held on Friday evenings from 5:30-8:30 pm and 10:30-4:30 pm on Saturdays for 8 to 10 weeks. Your child may not be asked to be at rehearsal the entire time every weekend, but they must always be available during those times because the rehearsal schedules can change throughout those 10 weeks and as they get closer to the show.
The week before the show opens is called “tech week”. During that week, we move into the venue where we will hold the show. It’s the week where everything - the costumes, the lights, the set and the show - all come together. Tech week means that there is a rehearsal every night - usually from about 4 -9. Tech week can be exhausting but it’s also a very exciting time for the entire cast and crew as they move towards opening night!
Isn’t CYT a huge commitment?
 CYT is truly designed with families in mind and it can’t happen without everyone’s help. When a child auditions, parents are expected to serve on 2 committees. The first committee happens in the weeks leading up to the show (pre-show). The second committee takes place during the two weekends of the shows (show). Our parents do all the work behind the scenes - things like building sets, sewing costumes, making props, supervising cast during rehearsals, promoting the show, running the box office, selling souvenirs, raffles, concessions and many other things. And with so much to do, we’re sure you’ll find something that you can fit into your life. Some committees need people at specific times, while others have work that you can take home. Many hands make light work and volunteering helps you get to know other CYT families at the same time. Many parents can tell you of life-long friendships that have blossomed as part of CYT.
A lot of our parents love being a part of CYT as much as their kids. It’s one of those things where you really have to try it to see what it’s really about. So why not try? Come and share your gifts and talents with CYT. You may even discover some gifts and talents you didn’t even know you had!

Audition Workshops

The week before show auditions we host an audition workshop at our private studio. Audition workshops are not show specific and they will help you with any audition, be it here at CYT or somewhere else.