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Need for Charitable Support

Our annual budget pays for costumes, sets, props, sound, lights, rental of theaters and classroom space, teacher stipends, artistic team stipends, curriculum writing and design, royalties and many other training and production costs. Only about 80% of the total comes from ticket sales and tuition and fees. CYT must raise support each year to ensure that all the productions and student programs are adequately funded. Philanthropic support is also critical to CYT to continue to make the program affordable. CYT has made a conscious effort to keep both tuition and ticket prices low, often providing scholarships, in order to make the program accessible for families throughout the San Antonio area. Without charitable support, the CYT program could not be sustained at a reasonable cost to the students.

Because the CYT program involves a new group of students every year – in addition to those who continue in the program – it is critically important for CYT to generate consistent sources of revenue. CYT is looking to the leaders of today, who truly believe that funds invested in youth is an investment in our future, which goes to the heart of the CYT mission. Charitable support allows CYT to grow and enhance the quality of the training and productions. 

A gift to CYT is an investment with an established, family-oriented organization that helps provide children a safe, wholesome environment and provides them with skills to make better life choices and become positive contributing members of their community. Thank you for your support!

2014/15 Standing "0" Club Members


Supporting Character
     Scott & Sandi Mitchell

Leading Character
     Dave & Kathleen Fuller
     Grace Family Bible Church


Corporate Sponsor

Show Sponsor
     Dale & Lynda Campbell

Season Sponsor
John & Christine Seidel

CYT Standing "O" Club Levels

Ensemble: $100+
Letter of acknowledgment, program listing, CYT decal

Supporting Character: $250+
Ensemble + 2 tickets to current show

Leading Character: $500+
Ensemble + 4 tickets to current show, and a cast photos

Director: $1000+

Ensemble + 4 tickets to current show, 4 tickets to a future show and a cast photos

Corporate Sponsor: $3000+
Director + full page ad in a full season (3 shows) of programs

Show Sponsor: $6000+
Corporate sponsorship + logo on CYT marketing materials for show of your choice, company logo displayed on CYT website for the show’s session, 8 free tickets to show of your choice, special pre-show announcement of company’s sponsorship, framed and autographed picture from all 3 shows.

Season Sponsor: $12,000+

Corporate sponsorship + company logo on CYT marketing materials for show for all three shows, company logo with link to your website on CYT San Antonio site for full season, 10 free tickets to all 3 shows pre-show announcement of company’s sponsorship at al 3 productions, Framed and autographed cast picture from all 3 shows.

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